Fairy World Record Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the event Free?

A. Yes there is no charge but you must register through



Q. Do I need to bring my online registration ticket?

A. Yes. Please print it out when you register online and bring it with you. Only those registered can enter the event and your ticket is proof of registration.


Q. Where do I go for the World Record Attempt?

A. The event takes place in front of Peterborough Cathedral. Please come to the designated areas in front of the Entrance Arch to the Cathedral in the City Centre where you will be met by Stewards. They will check that you are correctly dressed to qualify as a fairy then take you through the Arch into the Record Attempt area.


Q. What must I wear to qualify as a Fairy?

A You must wear wings and a Tutu and carry a wand. A dress with a flared Tutu shape from the waist is ok.


Q. Will I be allowed into the Record Attempt area if I am not dressed as a Fairy?

A. Unfortunately only those dressed as Fairies can enter the Record Attempt Area. The rules set by Guinness World Record are very strict and allowing people not dressed correctly as a Fairy could result in our attempt being disqualified. Even mums and dads accompanying children under 12 into the Record Attempt Area must to be dressed as a Fairy.

Parents not dressed as fairies will not be able to enter the cordoned off Record attempt area but should be able to watch from outside the cordoned off area.


Q Can Mums and Dads enter?

A. Yes everyone is welcome. Aunties and Uncles, Grandads and Grandmas, brothers and sisters and friends can participate if they dress as a fairy.


Q. Can Children under 12 come unaccompanied?

A. No they must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult who also need to be dressed as a Fairy.


Q. Can children come in their pushchairs?

A. Yes as long as they are dressed as fairies


Q. Can people in Wheel Chairs come?

A. Yes as long as they are dressed as fairies.


Q. How will the World Record be achieved?

A. We have to get everyone dressed as Fairies checked and counted into the cordoned off Record Attempt Area in front of the Cathedral. Once everyone is in the area there will be a Group Photograph and all the Fairies have to stay together at the same time for at least 5 minutes. Once the attempt is completed everyone is free to leave.


Q. Will the event go ahead if there are adverse weather conditions?

A. We will assess the condition on the day and only cancel if we feel participants are at risk. There will be limited shade at the event so if the weather is sunny please bring a hat or umbrella and plenty of sun protection especially for young children.


Q. Will there be photographs and video taken?

A. Yes, the World Record rules set by Guinness mean that the event has to be videoed continuously and photographs taken and this will be used as evidence of the Record Attempt. The media may also attend and cover the event. We cannot guarantee that you will not be videoed or photographed so if this is a problem you should not come to the event.


Q. How long will the event take?

A. We are aiming for over 900 Fairies to break the World record. We have to check everyone’s dress then count them in to the Record Attempt Area. So please arrive from 1230 but no later than 1300 and expect to queue as you are marshalled into the Record attempt area. The Record attempt should be over around 1415


Q. Can I leave the Record Attempt area before the record is complete?

A. Yes if you have urgent need to do so but to qualify for record you will have to re-enter the area so run the risk of not getting back into the area on time.


Q. Where can I get my Tutu, Wings and a Wand?

A. These are popular items and can be found in many stores and online retailers. We would be delighted to see some beautiful fairies but you do not have to spend a fortune and the quality of the wings, tutu and wand is not a condition. You can also make your own.


Q. Will there be any entertainment at the event?

A. Yes there will be music, singing, dancing and other activities to entertain the fairies.


Q. Will I know whether the World Record has been broken on the day?

A. No but we have planned the event to be successful so we will have a strong indication on the day. After the attempt, we have to send all the evidence (video, photos and Independent Assessors and Steward forms) to Guinness who will confirm to Anna’s Hope a few weeks later.


Q. Can I get a certificate from Guinness?

A. Yes. When confirmation is sent by Guinness they also send a code for Anna’s Hope to send to all those who were involved in the Record. You then contact Guinness using the code to request your certificate. There is a charge which goes to Guinness World Records.


Q. Can I make a donation to Anna’s Hope?

A. We really appreciate donations. You can do this when you register, or go the Donations page on the Anna’s Hope Website


You could even get sponsored by using the sponsor form on the Anna’s Hope Website



If you have any further queries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.