Discover where the money we raise goes

Raising money for charitable causes takes strength, courage, determination and a lot of hours. Over the last 14 years, Anna’s Hope has raised over £18m, which has supported those children affected by brain tumours. Here’s what our money provides and the help it achieves.

Over the Brainbow

Brainbow is a unique partnership between 3 independent charities, Anna’s Hope, Tom’s Trust, and more recently the Joshua Tarrant Trust. The money we raise helps to fund the pioneering rehabilitation service in the East of England for children with brain tumours. Together we ensure that this partnership is staffed by all of the right specialists at Addenbrookes Hospital. 

Anna’s Hope specifically provides an Occupational Therapist, a Speech & Language Therapist and a Physiotherapist. All of the roles provided by us and the other partners, ensure patients and their families are given the utmost support. What’s more, the children are able to maintain a good quality of life and reach their full potential with Brainbow by their sides; working closely with them whilst in hospital, in outpatient clinics and co-ordinating support at home and school.

As a result of this pioneering specialist paediatric neuro-rehabilitation service, every child that is diagnosed with a brain tumour in the East of England can receive dedicated treatment from us. More information can be found on the Brainbow section of our website or on the Addenbrookes’ Hospital Brainbow page.

Our volunteers and fundraisers are vital to our work

As with any charity, it is important to remember our volunteers and put them in the spotlight; as their time is provided free of charge and is priceless when you look at how much time and effort they all put in. We have a fabulous group of friends and relatives who over the years have given a helping hand on many an occasion, and without them, the events that we put on would not be possible.  Having an army of helpers is key to any fundraiser and never goes unnoticed by us.

We also have an abundance of local businesses who dig deep and generously donate to our worthwhile cause. From solicitors to schools, local media publications to hotels and everyone in between, they all in their own way give something to us. Be it attending a fundraising event and buying tickets for a dinner, or organising a fundraising sporting event like the Football vs Cancer match on 29 June. They all do their bit, and we have them listed on our website as a way of recognition. We couldn’t be without any of them!

It’s the little things that count

During the year there are many generous people who will raise money for our charity through the means of sponsored events. The Great North Run, The Rutland Half Marathon and The Perkins Great Eastern Run are just a few of these and we need to make sure we say thank you, even if it’s just a small gesture. Like anyone who has achieved a personal goal through exercise or overcome a fear for something they never thought they could do, then the receiving of a medal, t-shirt or certificate can go a long way and is just our way of saying ‘thank you’. These are all paid for from monies that we raise and whilst it’s not a lot, it’s the little things that count.

If you would like to get involved with fundraising or become a vital volunteer then click here to read more about how you can get involved. Maybe you have fundraising ideas of your own and would like to share them with us? 

Every penny we raise will go towards helping children with brain tumours!